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  • MIT-Center
    This Moldovan NGO fights for the opportunity for the new generations to study in Moldova, according to international educational standards, to be able to recommend themselves in international tasks in all areas around the world! The main objectives of the NGO are...
  • 1. To regain the lost trust
    People are leaving the country, because they do not believe that they can have decent life conditions and career opportunities here. Our aim is to prove the opposite, so that they could decide not to leave the country or, if they are already abroad, to come back to Moldova.
  • 2. To re-train professors and teachers
    Nowadays, the education tendencies show that the modern and the most efficient role of teaching staff is defined as coach – a person that not only provides theoretical materials, but is able to motivate students, to define problems and gaps in their knowledge and help young people to improve.
  • Another problem in the Republic of Moldova is that the education system does not correspond to modern standards of quality – contents, teaching methods and tools should be updated. This will be achieved by cooperation with top US and European institutions.
    3. To improve quality:
  • 4. To increase the number of specialists
    Each company owner or recruiter knows: it’s very difficult to find a qualified IT specialist in Moldova. However, this trouble can also be solved, and we are going to do it!
  • 5. To ensure continuous development
    We know that the only way to keep up with the times is to make regular reviews of teaching methods and contents, to gather feedback from all participating parties and to eliminate any gaps found. Therefore, we are doing continuous research on how to keep efficiency and improve the output.
  • 6. To launch the first Hybrid Learning Campus in Moldova
    A completely new concept of education will be the basis of the Campus: it will combine dual and hybrid studies, and both teachers and students will try a completely new environment and roles within this innovative education system.
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