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Regain the lost trustEach year, thousands of Moldovan young people go abroad for studies.

They prefer leaving their motherland rather than staying and developing their carrier here, because they do not see opportunities.


Their opinion is:

- what they learn in Moldovan universities at IT faculties can hardly be used in their future jobs;

- methods and tools used in local educational institutions are outdated;

- Moldovan universities are not recognized internationally;

- it is difficult to find a decent job with fair remuneration system and career growth opportunities;

and so on.


They rarely come back after studies. Mostly, they find good jobs abroad, create families there and don’t even think about coming back to Moldova. 

However, we can’t blame them, because everyone wants to live in better conditions.

But, as a result, there is an enormous lack of specialists on Moldovan HR market; it’s a big challenge to hire a specialist in any domain. Can it be easy to find specialists in a country where the number of population is constantly decreasing?

Therefore, Moldova needs a solution to regain the trust of the young people and their parents and keep thus the students in Moldova. That’s why we are going to support young Moldovan talents and to help them get what they need here, in their motherland.


Our vision is that once Moldova has favorable living environment, people will stop migrating. Thus, one of the main goals of our projects is to prove that:

- Moldova can have qualitative education corresponding to international level,

- Moldova can train specialists and offer them up-to-date content,

- Moldova can offer decent jobs and support continuous growth of both young and advanced specialists;

- Moldova can do much more.