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How can we all transform Moldova positively?

Today I start a series of publications to those who like living in Moldova and want to improve Moldova, who see the civil courage and the responsible handling of any resources as a future way, who are solution-oriented and do not want to use the miserable situation of the social, political and economic condition of Moldova for themselves. 

If this is about you, I am glad if I already know you, if I don't - I will be glad to meet you.


In my numerous business meetings I heard one phrase very often:

Let's not talk about problems, let's talk about opportunities.


I believe this is the biggest issue for Moldova, that problems remain unsolved because there are some influential people who don't want them to be solved, because then they will lose their opportunities.

My name is Guido Schratzer, for 20 years I have been an entrepreneur in IT security, programming and marketing, so I always recognize problems as something wonderful. In most areas of business, problems are the root of a successful business problems provide employment to a lot of people.

So don't be afraid of problems, let's see them as a future source of an income. A problem that can bring a problem solution is the engine of the economyThe real problem is the people who are looking for opportunities in a problematic situation. These people exactly try to take advantage of this miserable situation and use the problem obstinately. But the worst thing is that they try (and this is the catastrophe) to keep this problem!

But what do you think about it?

Why do people in Moldova live with problems and don’t fix them?

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Final poll results as of August 10, 2021.

Final poll results as of August 10, 2021.