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We push for the education

of the young Moldovan generation

We want to develop a

  • motivated

  • innovative

  • self-confident

young generation!

The objectives and targets of the MIT-Center were conditioned by the economic and educational background in the Republic of Moldova. There are two major issues that affect the economy of Moldova negatively: migration and poor education system. Both factors are tightly connected and influence each other, thus creating a vicious cycle: people are leaving a country in search of better education, while the brain drain process doesn’t leave enough specialists onsite to make reforms in education system.

Migration Problem

As long as people are leaving the country, it is hardly possible to build a prosperous economy onsite. Development of any domain requires labour power and bright minds, but the chances to find these are smaller and smaller when there are less and less people in the country. However, the problem of intensive migration can be solved by elimination of its reason: poor social security/ medical insurance/ education systems, job shortage and so on. Improvements in the above mentioned domains can not only prevent people from leaving their motherland, but also attract migrants back home.

Poor Education System

Education is one of the key factors influencing migration, which can be proven by a high percentage of young people going abroad for studies. It is worth mentioning that the majority of them remain abroad, because after getting an internationally recognized diploma it is not as hard for them to find a prestigious well-paid job anymore, while it would be a challenge in Moldova. Therefore, updating and improving local education system can help, first of all, to prevent migration of a huge percent of young people and, consequentially, to increase the HR potential in Moldova. 


Thus, education is one of the most important preconditions for any country to develop and prosper.

Sober estimate shows that it is scarcely possible to make migrants come back at the moment: first, it is necessary to improve learning and working environment here, and then people will be eager to come back to their motherland. Thus, we understand that enhancing the situation in the Republic of Moldova is the only way to reverse the process, and that’s exactly what we are going to do.


In our work we stick to the series of principles, which are:

High Academic Standards

Cooperative education comprises a great variety of high academic standards and advantage factors essential for efficient learning.

Individual Supervision and Support

Our teaching staff supports each student individually according to his/her needs. The established workflow guarantees close supervision and enables the use of modern teaching methods such as seminars, workshops, business simulations, empirical studies or computer-aided teaching. Being the key features of efficient learning, these conditions encourage motivation and contribute to successful learning outcomes.

Up-to-Date Knowledge

Courses are taught by international professors of the MIT-Center, associate lecturers from partner universities, as well as highly qualified specialists from partner companies and social institutions. Thus, all of them teach within their field of competence; only cutting-edge expertise and up-to-date knowledge is provided to the MIT-Center students. This ensures a high level of academic standards, as well as field-related teaching.

Intensive Studies

Classroom learning and workplace training alternate in regular three-month-intervals, ensuring both pace and variety throughout all study programs. Due to the regular switch between theory and practice, the studies are explicitly intensive.

Internationally Accredited Study Programmes

All of the study programmes at MIT-Center are internationally recognized intensive degree programmes. 

International Outlook 

International outlook is a crucial aspect of the modern world education and extremely significant for a successful career start. Therefore, the university promotes cooperation with renowned universities in all over the world. The learning environment at MIT-Center has a distinctively international spirit and was planned according to the ITSI model.