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Some of our key values are quality, relevance and constant improvement. img5

Times are changing fast, and no one can be successful while staying on the sidelines. Therefore, we’ve designed a strategy for continuous development which will be our ticket to success.

First of all, as we always mention, an important part of our project is constituted by partnership with leading organizations worldwide, including J-WEL, AECT and others. These organizations have a vast experience in hybrid learning, so we can learn from them. In addition to this, establishing collaborations with such institution allows cooperative researching, brainstorming, trouble-shooting and etc. 

Also, most of these partners organize workshops and seminars from time to time, and we are going to participate in such event in order to continue our improvement. 

As to the internal efforts, we are going to schedule regular feedback sessions where both students and teachers will be able to express their opinion and feelings, so that we could have their side of the story; it is very important, because only participating parties can determine real advantages and drawbacks. In addition to this, we find it essential to know the students’ perspectives and wishes – that’s how we can meet their expectations. So, we will introduce various activities and events implying gathering students’ feedback both in written and oral forms, and this information will then be analyzed in order to eliminate gaps and improve quality.

Furthermore, our education model foresees constant monitoring of the students’ results and making reports on their progress. This kind of survey is another way of analyzing the outcome of the studies with the aim of enhancement. 

Taken all round, it is assumed by our policy and views that we are open to any beneficial collaboration and eager to participate in various events aimed at development and skills acquisition.