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As a young non-commercial organisation, we need your support to achieve our targets and bring new engaging things to Moldova. For this, we suggest you to consider the following three options of supporting our activity:



Any private person or legal entity desiring to support us can make a donation.


Course Sponsor

You can choose a course from our list or order a new one. You will have access to all the digital learning materials of the course and can use it internally at your discretion. Also, your employees can participate in our Blended Learning Course on special conditions.


Premium Sponsor

monthly or annual subscription

monthly: 1.200 MDL or 59 Euro

yearly: 12.900 MDL or 665 Euro

A Premium Sponsor gets regular suggestions of young talented students for internships. You can also define criteria so that our ‘head-hunting’ would be targeted.

A Premium Sponsor can send 3 employees a year to our Blended Learning Courses.