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  • MIT-Center
    We fight for the new generations to study in Moldova, according to international educational standards! The main objectives of the NGO are...
  • 1. To regain the lost trust
    People are leaving Moldova because they do not see decent living and career opportunities here. Our aim is to prove the opposite.
  • 2. To re-train professors and teachers
    Modern education tendencies define the teacher’s role as a coach – a person who motivates students, defines problems and gaps in their knowledge and helps them to improve.
  • The education system of the Republic of Moldova was not really updated for a long time, which is one of the reasons that it does not meet modern requirements.
    3. To improve quality:
  • 4. To increase the number of specialists
    Each company owner or recruiter knows: it’s hard to find a qualified IT specialist in Moldova. However, this trouble can also be solved, and we are going to do it!
  • 5. To ensure continuous development
    Regular workflow reviews, analysis, feedback, best practice replication – we use these practices continuously in order to keep efficiency and improve the output.
  • 6. To launch the first Hybrid Learning Campus in Moldova
    The new concepts like dual studies and blended learning will be combined and create a completely new learning environment within an innovative learning campus.
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Services Provided by the MIT-Center

converting education content

to digital e-Learning courses


We transform usual education content into most-advanced digital
e-Learning courses


translating e-Learning content 
into different languages



We offer translation of learning content
by native speakers



for live interactive online courses
Media Streaming
Learning Managment Software



We offer various digital solutions to organize blended or online learning



subtitles and translated audio for your videos


Multilingual voice-over and subtitles for your educational videos.