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In modern times humanity has got tons of wonderful digital solutions that can be used to make the educational process easier and more efficient. The point is that not all the educational institutions or training-providers, be it internal training for employees or commercial courses, pay attention to mainstream technologies and integrate it into their workflow. That’s a big mistake, though.

If there are high quality resources which can bring value to our activities, why don’t we use them?

Thus, our NGO plays the role of the main promoter of using technologies in education. We highly encourage local institutions to consider usage of software products which can facilitate the process of teaching, learning, monitoring, assessment, feedback gathering, reporting and so on.

Here are some types of software that are worth considering:

- LMS (Learning Management System) – a platform containing various online-courses supporting media, quizzes, interactive tasks, live sessions and so on. Actually, such a platform can fully replace manuals and workbooks, but also it will help to keep track of each learner’s progress;

- SMS (School Management System) – an administrative tool which makes regular administrative tasks automaed. Usually, such tool is used for grading, attendance, admissions and scheduling (also billing and invoicing, if applicable);

- Virtual Classroom – a platform where you can make live sessions with your students;

- Media Streaming;

and so on.