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Philip Willner
Member (DE)

Professional Background

While attending high school in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Philip, through the initiative of a school program, was already able to work on his own business, coordinating up to twenty employees in auction houses and brochure distribution.

After finishing his architecture degree, he started his own business, "Die Pixelstube", in Germany in 2014, generating digital 3D representations of buildings for building contractors and architects. In 2017, he founded the company Miviso GmbH in Innsbruck, Tyrol, together with two partners from his studies and won the Young Entrepreneur Award of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for creative services in 2018. In 2020 he took over the main responsibility for the subsidiary Miviso Creations SRL in Chişinau and the team of 18 employees at that moment.

In addition to his professional activities, Philip also operates as a functionary of the "Junge Wirtschaft Tyrol" (Young Economy Tyrol) and is closely networked with the local startup community. Philip is also active in the field of alternative education systems and the promotion of young people in the entrepreneurial field, as he sees the most potential for future positive social and economic changes in this area.


During his stay in Chişinău, Philip sees a lot of potential, especially in Moldova, to make great long-term advancements through the implementation of innovative and cutting-edge systems in the field of education and to tackle current problems at their roots.

Role at the MIT-Center

As a member of the MIT-Center, Philip would like to bring his entrepreneurial experience in ongoing projects as well as his network in the field of education and startups.

Contact Info
2011-2015 Architecture Studies at TU Innsbruck, Austria

Philip Willner


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